Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3rd And 5th Dimensional Relationships – What’s The Difference?

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In this article we’re going to talk about the difference between third and fifth dimensional relationships. First of all, ladies and gentlemen, you should know that 5th dimensional relationships generate freedom and joy.  Each relationship is an investment in the people, places, and kingdoms of nature that are being interconnected. The unconditional loving from which fifth dimensional relationships emerge creates change by offering an environment in which the opportunities for evolutionary development are gracefully accessed and successfully utilized by all involved. And yes, you should also know that there are distinct differences between third and fifth dimensional relationships, based upon the purpose of the dimensional experience.  The fifth dimensional qualities defined below facilitate an unconditionally loving experience.  By providing the criteria by which to monitor your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors you can both build and support fifth dimensional relationships out of the third dimensional relationships in your own life.

Unfortunately, all third dimensional relationships were built to break.  Our job as third dimensional human beings was to experience separation, loss, and fear.  Humanity agreed to participate in this divine experiment of amnesia that required our civilization to find its way back to its Source of its own free will.  Humans are experts in suffering as we took this task seriously and became quite skilled in hurting ourselves and the kingdoms of nature supporting our experiment.

And, the bad thing is that we’ve learned to destroy connection rather than honor it, to the point that we were in danger of destroying our civilization and the world in which we lived. But, the 5th dimensional relationships are built to sustain themselves.  They eternally exist within the context of Creation and their experience on the Earth plane is one of reconnection with our divine nature, the essence of our being.  Your fifth dimensional soul family supported your journey on Earth through an ignorant human mind, by providing you with a group of beings who incarnated with you over and over again. 

These individuals played different familial and community roles over your multiple incarnations always supporting your growing evolutionary awareness that there is more to life than fear and pain.  Because your human mind could not conceive the Soul connections continually supporting it, you felt abandoned, alone, and often emotionally tortured through specific patterns  of behavior lifetime after lifetime.  Until now.

We all know that the third dimensional world is an experience of loss, fear, and separation, which is the main reason why humans naturally create experiences that will fail.  Our intimate experiences are fleeting and marked by emotional highs and lows that denote a false sense of connection.  And, what happens – well, we literally have a relationship with our dreams, ideas, or beliefs about the experiences we are having.  But, ladies and gentlemen, that is the essence of a delusion.  But this delusion is one that they entire civilization shares.  We “fall in love” only to fall out of love. 

And, remember – the delusional human intimacy is a real third dimensional experience that promotes discontent, emptiness, and a constant searching for that which is missing. Soul intimacy is created from a deep sense of purpose and meaning within our connectedness.  It is based in the reality of our inherent Oneness and permeates our individual lives in uniquely sacred ways. 

Our fifth dimensional relationships are always purposeful.  They are never casual nor do they waste an ounce of our life-force on concerns that are significant in the third dimensional world.  Soul intimacy provides evolving human beings with an experience of intimate reverence that facilitates collaboration, equality, and a deep sense of appreciation for the role that is being played, the service being offered, and the loving that is unfolding.  The purpose of the relationship is understood so deeply that those involved not only respect the opportunity in which they are participating, they deeply commit to fulfilling the work they have come together to accomplish.  In this knowing all involved in fifth dimensional relationships experience a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.

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