Friday, December 2, 2016

The Top 10 Reasons Why Empaths Are Sick Of Your Bullsh*t

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For those who don’t know what an Empath is, I shall explain. Derived from the Greek “em” (in) and “pathos” (feeling), the term empathic means you’re able to “feel into” others’ feelings. But for empaths, this sensitivity is magnified to the nth degree. An empath is more tuned in, more empathic, and more sensitive to others than the average empathic person.

Do you think you’re an empath? If so, your emotions are probably all over the place lately. It would seem more and more of us are ‘fed up’ with how things are lately.. And there’s plenty of good reasons for that.  You absorb other people’s mood, often without realizing it’s even happening. Many empaths are misdiagnosed with depression, bipolar disorders, etc. They think it’s their emotions they are feeling, when in fact it is someone else’s. This is probably why the following quote tends to resonate with us empaths so much.

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” – William Gibson
On that note, here are the following 10 reasons are why I think so many empaths these days are feeling completely fed up with certain people’s bullshit:

1) We can tell when you’re being untruthful. 
This is the biggest one, and that is why I’m mentioning it first. If you lie to an empath, chances are they will know right away. They may not know 100% for sure if you’re lying, but they will almost always get some warning alarms going off in their head. This is because we can sense dishonesty and discomfort. It can be anything from a seemingly harmless fib to a blatant, in your face lie.

2) We can sense a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
This one sort-of goes hand in hand with the 1st. Perhaps the greatest tool in an empath’s kit is the ability to spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s often someone who claims to have great intentions but actually have the worst. Empaths are often wise beyond their years and can see right through the act.

3) We know when your praise is fake.
Fake people are always trying to get on your good side in any way they can, and empaths are able to sniff that kinda thing out. They can tell when the praise you’re offering is fake, sarcastic or demeaning, and they won’t have any of it.

4) We can sense your hatred or jealousy.
Empaths are a bit like the Jedi – they can sense the hate that runs through people. When someone is being a fake friend, they can tell. When someone holds a grudge, they can sense it. They can tell if you haven’t moved on from your past feelings. They can almost always tell when you’re putting on a front.

5) We can tell when you’re being prejudice.
Let’s be frank here. Some people are racists and bigots. That’s just how it is, and how it’s been for a long time with us humans. Even though some people are brazen enough to say rude things out loud (which tends to really piss off an empath) lots of other people are more inclined to keep those kinds of thoughts to themselves. Regardless of that, we can still sense them.

6) We know when you’re not ‘fine’.
If you want to avoid a discussion about your emotions, that’s perfectly okay. But when you say you’re ‘fine’ and you’re actually not, we can tell. That’s because we can usually tell when someone is uncomfortable, stressed, scared or angry about something, even if their face doesn’t say it.

7) We know when you’re holding yourself back.
Often, people aren’t acting fake because they want to be malicious, but rather, because they aren’t comfortable with their true selves or their life situation. Maybe you’re stopping yourself from reaching your true potential. Whatever it may be, we can see when you’re not ‘giving it your all’.

8) We know when you’re being destructive.
Some people are their own worst enemies. Or perhaps they just love to play the victim and stir up drama for fun. (Online trolling is one of many examples) Or maybe you’re playing the tough guy when you’re actually a big softie or a bit insecure. Whatever it is, we can see right through it like we do just about everything else.

9) We know when you’re not being the REAL you.
Sometimes people pretend to be someone or something they’re not because they like to show off. Some people even take it to the next level, and like to build a totally new personality to hide the person they believe will not be accepted by society. Whatever it is, we can see through that too.

10) We can tell when you’re trying to hustle us.
Last but not least, empaths can almost always tell when you’re trying to get one over on us, or take advantage of us. We know when we’re being used and we hate it. Empaths are very generous people who give their time, money and resources to those in need. We can tell you’re really appreciative of the help, or if you’re really just taking us for a ride. It’s just that sometimes we don’t care enough to call people out on it.

Written by Journalist, Activist, Researcher (and Empath) Lara Starr  
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