Thursday, March 23, 2017

Choose Three Animals In This Test To Find Out How Other People See You

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This is a fun psychological test that reveals interesting facts about people – about how others see them, how they see themselves, but also what they are really like deep down.

Do the test the following way: Take a pen and paper and list three animals, in this order:

1. Which is your favorite.
2. Which you would like the most to have as a pet.
3. Second favorite animal, whether wild or domestic.

Now for each animal write its characteristics. Examples of some animals and their characteristics:

  1. Cat – independent, sexy, free-thinking, ‘night bird’, leader, demanding.
  2. Bear – profound, protective, dreamer, guard, quiet.
  3. Monkey – confident, cheerful, fun, practical, versatile, skilled, cheater.
  4. Dog – loyal, friendly, brave, protector, modest, submissive, guard.
  5. Mouse – hard-working, reliable, modest, shy, simple.
  6. Rabbit – modest, cunning, quick, nervous, quiet.
  7. Raccoon – agile, responsible, skeptical, intelligent, ‘night bird’.
  8. Elephant – confident, calm, protective, persistent, stubborn.
  9. Leo – strong, patient, protector, confident, calm, values family.
  10. Fox – agile, has good taste, thinker, organized, cunning.
  11. Rooster – talented, creative, eccentric, playful, artistic type.
  12. Pig – generous, sincere, confident, honest, talented, innocent, friendly.
  13. Cow – social, adventurous, curious, kind, calm, protective, quiet.
  14. Zebra – loyal, intelligent, committed, idealistic, persistent, free, egoistic.
  15. Tiger – powerful, elegant, authoritative, active, mysterious, unpredictable, lonely.
  16. Deer – gentle, sensitive, agile, simple, values family.
  17. Sheep – hesitant, friendly, obedient, conservative, hard-working, quiet.
  18. Panda – a gentle, caring, playful, self-sufficient, a dreamer.
  19. Penguin – mild, open, enigmatic, skilled, simple.
  20. Owl – intuitive, mystical, free, careful, peaceful, spiritual.
  21. Giraffe – confident, elegant, shy, charming, boastful.
  22. Hedgehog – sarcastic, cunning, sensitive, opportunists, activists, individual.
  23. Fish – quiet, friendly, reliable, honest, organized, serious, good friend.
  24. Turtle – protector, patient, narrow-minded, stubborn, quiet, monotonous.
  25. Duck – loud, guard, hard-working, playful, values family.
  26. Horse – noble, loyal, strong, powerful, free-spirited, energetic, submissive.
  27. Bird – cheerful, full of inner beauty, positive, free-spirited, simple.

The third animal reflects how you see yourself.
The second animal describes how other people see you.
The first animal shows what you are really like.

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