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Welcome to The Mind Awakening!

The mind is the most powerful and significant weapon of the human being. This extraordinary tool, through simple thoughts, governs all our actions on which the entire society depends.

That is why, the sole purpose of THE MIND AWAKENING is to awaken and create a healthy mind, which is the key to a healthy soul and a healthy body that will become the foundation and inspiration of a healthy society.

As a matter of course, awakening is not supposed to be personal or individual. As our byline says, “Through your awakening, you awaken others.” 

We intend to inspire you to awaken your mind for an awakened society.

As a whole, our coverage contains materials on various topics such as, Spirituality, Relationship, Health and Lifestyle, which will gently help you as you walk down your path to awakening. 

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  1. Hello, I was both excited and a bit frustrated to see my recent blog post as one of the top popular posts in your spirituality category 'Empaths are Not Here to Transmute Other People's Energy'. Please understand, I very much appreciate the additional readership and helping me get this really important message out to those that need to hear it. However, I was not contacted or asked if it was okay to use my post - I feel very strongly as an author that permission should be given for someone else's creative content, if your site doesn't have that as a policy definitely something to consider. Also, the opening photo was changed and I have concerns about the content of advertising that pops up next to my post - not things I would consciously choose to be a part of (i.e. 33 ridiculously dirty pics or women with their legs spread open). I understand the need for advertising to keep content free for readers, however as a site promoting spiritual consciousness, you have a responsibility to the type of advertising you accept. I am asking to have a conversation with your editor...

    Bevin Niemann

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